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LG bright resin powder

LG bright resin powder is a new product developed by our company. Our company Owns the intellectual properties.This development project was listed as"Guangdong science and technology innovation hundred projects in 2000".

Characteristics: White grain. Density: <1.5;water absorptivity: <0.15, heat-resistant property: >130'C, Flow moulding property: 110-190 mm,bend intensity: >900 kg/cm2.

Applications: It is the surface material of melamine ware of ML composite (amino polymer compound). It is covered at the surface of melamine ware by mold pressing to increase the hardness and brightness of this surface layer, and to increase the capability of acid, alkali, heat-resistand and lightfastness, and to decontaminate easily. Using our products with mold-pressing printed-paper, the flower pattern of melamine ware shows vividly, livelily and jewelly. That will heighten their quality grade.

Quality: Our product quality has attained to advanced quality level of internal analogous products. The melamine ware used our product accords with the quality & sanitation national standards and FDA standard of U.S.A..