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Molecular formula: HCHO
Applications: Mainly used to produce plienolic resin, urea formaldehyde resin, urotropine, pentaerythritol, synthetic fibre, engineering plastics formaldehyde polymer, resin dye, triliydoxy-methylpropane and high explosive. Also used as materials for producing antiseptics, disinfectants, reductants, tanning agents and finishing agents.
Characteristics: Stimulative and colorless liquid. Relative density 0.815 (-20℃ ). Melting point -92℃, boiling point -19.5℃ . ignition point -300℃ . easily solvable in water and alcohol, powerfully deoxidized in alkaleseence solution. Can React with aromatic carbons, phenol. ammonium sulfide, carbon hydrate and protein to produce condensation polymer resin. Can also react with sodium hydride, sodium sulfite and other oxidants.